Witch hunt game guide

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A guide to help you get started and defeat the first beast. It contains little spoilers about the beginning of the game. At the beginning of the game will arrive in Bellville, go to the shop keeper he should say something like "I think I have what you need. Whatever you do with your money is up to you, but beware some items require mana which you can only replenish by sacrificing 50hp or killing monsters.

Once you speak to him and you're at full health, go to the mayor. He is in the house up the pathway left of the church entrance. The lights are on and the chimney is smoking. Once you talk to him go look inside the house to the left of the Mayors.

If you go upstairs and to the right room you will find a glow stone. From the stairway, if you go forward you will find a chest. It is recommended to save all chests until you buy or retrieve the lockpick master book. The only way of getting lockpicks is to find them out in the world, you can't buy them.

At the bridge before you leave there is a bathing tub next to a locked shed. Inside the bath will be a gold piece. Feel free to explore the village all you want now. Now you are ready to leave the safety of the village. Press F default to draw your sword 1 for your pistol and 2 for your rifle. The rifle takes around 7 5 seconds to reload, the pistol takes around 5 3. Hehots matter! In my experience, the sword is the way to go when fighting common monsters.

It might take a while to master but you save money and time using it rather than the guns. The first save point is directly ahead of the Bellville entrance, it's a witch hunt game guide orange stone. Witch hunt game guide you first encounter it there will be a lady you can go say Hello to.

You should always save whenever you can but remember that saving requires mana. Traveling to and from Bellville will also save your game. If you travel down the path to the right, you will eventually stumble upon a broken carriage with agold piece next to it. Once you've looted the carriage if you continue to follow the path you will find a dead sheep, that means you are going the right way. Further along, you will come to a lake with a cabin, a save point, a shed locked and you will discover a fast travel point.

Use the in front of the farm to fast travel back to Bellville. The first time you go inside the house there will be a snake so be careful. You are not safe inside the house so beware of zombies coming in.

Witch hunt game guide

To the right of the entrance you will find 4 lockpicks it's recommended to save them until you get the Master lockpick skill. On the table in front of the entrance you'll find a map, Press "Q" to open it. Now, that's all the info you need to know to survive, explore and learn the land, a lot of the game you will learn from experience and it is more fun to learn as you go. Witch Hunt Wiki Explore.

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Witch hunt game guide

Register Don't have an ? Beginners guide. Edit source History Talk 0. You want to climb up the ladder and grab the gold behind the window outcrop. Stuff to know You can press "V" to use evil sight and see through the beast's eyes for a few seconds, it costs 20 mana.

Witch hunt game guide

This will be useful later on when you get to know the land better. Monster spawns and where the beast is are both random. Crucifixes only damage the Beast, not the common monsters. If you start hearing your heartbeat that means the beast is within meters.

The faster the heartbeat the closer he is. If the heartbeat becomes considerably fast it's recommended you place a crucifix with "T" It will take some time to charge up before smiting the Beast. If you see a black wisp and hear whispering that's a whisperer, you should avoid them at all costs.

Witch hunt game guide

They cannot die so don't waste your ammo. If one touches you they'll take all your mana, and if you don't have mana they will take most of your health instead. If you see a giant creature in the sky, shoot it down but make sure you can get to wherever it lands. It will drop a random skill book! If you encounter the beast it is recommended to use your guns rather than your sword. After one shot it will run away. To maximize damage shoot it with your rifle first, then your pistol. If your screen glows red that means you've encountered a dead blind.

If it's on your screen for too long you will take 10 points of damage. If you kill it, it will drop full mana. Add category. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki.

Witch hunt game guide

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