Whoremaker game

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Please enable it to continue. Your browser lacks required capabilities. Please upgrade it or switch to another to continue. Requires at least one slave willing to give handjobs. Otherwise, there is nothing worthwhile to record and play back. Go through each in die count. Never do this if "full" is used. If "flavor" is used, always pick a flavor word. These are disabled, and lack conditionals. Uncomment to test. If "short" is also used, replace both arrays with the special array to force one to appear.

If "full" is used, it will only replace base, allowing things like "undeniably clit-like" or "thick and alpha" If "special" is the only arg, it will not always whoremaker game the special words to appear, depending on what is randomly picked. This causes them to appear rather infrequently. Does not count drones. It does not measure your sexuality.

A very pleasant sensation started welling up within her.

Whoremaker game

He had no intention of stopping. Being fucked simply felt too good. Take it, you fucking whore! There was a sly grin on his face. I'm happy to be of service, Sir. She immediately received a slap across the face as a result. You worthless cunt, I bet your family is real proud of you. She received another stinging slap across the face as a result. Whores like you are all the same. He carried her over to the sofa, sat down and placed her in his lap. She let out a pained whimper.

A hole for me to use. He wrapped his hands around her neck, forcing her head down. Look at how my cock is being welcomed into your asshole. It's like a key in a lock. Your ass was made to be fucked by big, hard cocks. She was a broken, sore, crying mess. It took a long time to comfort her. She has developed quite the expertise with it, and many customers now ask for anal only. She can make them touch the sky with her muscles. I just wanted to make sure you were ready for me. You can keep playing, but nothing will change. It tasted faintly, and not unpleasantly, of some musky bodywash.

The taste became more salty towards the end, as the client started to leak precum. You're going to do what I tell you to. Do you understand? She looked back up at her client, making eye contact. She could tell he was close.

There was a huge grin on his face. He grabbed her arms and pulled whoremaker game back, which forced her face into the mattress. He said he wanted to make this a pleasant experience for the both of them. He was gentle at first, but his pace steadily increased. The client thrust deeply inside of her and she knew he was close. She could get used to this It looks really good.

Her lips look like they were custom made for sucking dick. She has to accept that she belongs to you, that she's your slave. I have to do it in front of you? She continues fingering her clit until the orgasm finally invades her whoremaker game. There is an expression of bliss on her face. I've already seen you do it. You're a natural. Once naked, you continue her lesson. Using that kind of tone is what's landed you in trouble to begin with.

Whoremaker game follow, and use your weight to push her back further until she's pressed up against the wall. She grabs your arm and tries to stop whoremaker game, but you easily overpower her. She moans. You reach around her with your free arm and lower her gently, leaning her back against the wall. You raise an eyebrow, as if expecting something from her. Her body belongs to you, it is yours to do with as you please. Tears of pain and shame start streaking across her face. Thank you! She had surely learnt her lesson. She moves her hips back and grinds against your hand, thrusting it deeper inside her.

Wanna help out? You look a bit wound up, it might be a good outlet for you. Free of charge, of course. I wanna show her what happens when you mess with me! Several switches, whips and paddles have been laid out neatly on the side.

He was so rude to her, and she verbally bit back. You know that naguhty girls have to be disciplined. He's grinning. I haven't! He comes to a stop a short distance away. But I guess it's too late for that now. Strip, put on a show.

Whoremaker game

The performance ends with her panties, which she teasingly flings towards Klaus in the vain hope that her performance might get her out of what you have planned next. He makes eye contact with you, whoremaker game you give him a slight nod of permission. She lets out a small yelp. She keeps her dumb fucking mouth shut unless told to speak. Within minutes, she's been reduced to a crying, whimpering mess. Each strike casues her to arch her back in pain.

I won't ever do it again. Your turn. She whimpers in fear. Her eyes lock onto yours and she gives you an inviting smile.

Whoremaker game

You stroke her cheek and nod your head. You can continue increasing her Submissiveness, but there are no further scenes.

Whoremaker game

She's finally starting to look like a woman instead of a girl. There's now far more than a handful, and wearing a bra will be neccesary if she wants to remain comfortable. She lets out a whimper and her knees go weak, she almost crumbles to the floor.

Whoremaker game

Want me to help you out? Her skin has been stretched to the limit, but it'll heal soon enough and she'll soon be ready for yet another dose. You've heard her quietly complaining about how they keep getting in the way as she does her chores. They create a beautiful teardrop-shape when whoremaker game sits or stands and when she lies down they spread out to create a silky, creamy pillow of flesh.

He ordered her to continue, and she slowly unclasped her bra, dropping it to the floor. She just stood there awkwardly, trying her best to cover herself with her hands. The small crowd got impatient and started jeering, shouting at her to stop hiding. She walked back and forth a few times, even performing a small twirl at each end of the path once or twice.

The crowd seemed to expect more, but didn't seem to be too unhappy after the show was over. She's in charge of their pleasure. Which part of me do you like best? I like all of it! No touching, that's extra!

Whoremaker game

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