Trapped in a window hacked

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We use cookies to ensure we provide you with the best user experience. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive cookies from our site. Learn more. Demand for qualified ethical hackers and cybersecurity specialists is rising year on year. Study our Ethical Hacking degree and discover the fascinating field of cybersecurity.

Demand for qualified ethical hackers and cyber security specialists is rising year on year.

Trapped in a window hacked

How do hackers get into corporate security systems? Can you build the right defenses and stop hackers in their tracks? Find out how on our Ethical Hacking degree course. We are right at the forefront of cybersecurity, producing highly skilled, in-demand graduates. The course combines computer networking, digital forensics and expert development as well as programming.

You will learn how to protect data and information systems. Our Ethical Hacking degree gives you a deep understanding of cybercrime so you have the skills to stop hackers - fast. Abertay is widely regarded as THE place to come for high quality teaching. But don't take our word for it:. Abertay students and staff talk about why they love the course and what makes it different from other cybersecurity degrees.

Every PC in the Hack Lab is isolated from the main university network, allowing you to experiment with all aspects of ethical hacking in a safe, controlled environment. An Online Open Day is a great way to help you decide what and where you want to study.

Trapped in a window hacked

us virtually on Wed 29 Sep or Sat 30 Oct to chat to lecturers and students, see the facilities for the course s you're interested in, and get a flavour of our city-centre campus. All modules shown are indicative and reflect course content for the current academic year.

Modules are reviewed annually and may be subject to change. If you receive an offer to study with us we will send you a Programme document that sets out exactly which modules you can expect to take as part of your Abertay University degree programme. Please see Terms and Conditions for more information. Introduction to the core ideas of computer architecture. Learn using a problem based approach to develop skills fundamental to all object oriented programming languages.

Introduction to the broad area of computer security within the context of current legal frameworks. This module complements earlier programming modules by introducing - in a practical rather than theoretical way - some of the fundamental ideas of software engineering to develop and communicate des for small and large-scale software systems.

Introduction of the concept of smart cities - hard infrastructure, social capital including local skills and community institutions, and digital technologies to fuel sustainable economic development and provide an attractive trapped in a window hacked for all. Gaps in our understanding relate to the complex ways individuals and groups engage with built and natural settings, the cultural goods and consequent benefits that may arise and the inequalities associated with these cultural benefits.

Different types of cyber-attacks that could be launched against a Smart City. Impact of cyber-attacks. Approaches to securing the smart grid and critical infrastructure, i. Includes the long established allotments movement to large-scale projects based on sustainability throughout the food chain.

Urban food production includes the long established allotments movement. Future cities will need to utilise more sustainable methods of water and wastewater management and renewable energy production. Develop a range of skills, knowledge and techniques within the natural, technological and social sciences relevant to the study of environmental sustainability and life in the twenty-first century.

Understand the critical issues that confront humanity and begin to discern appropriate responses. How lifestyle can effect physical and mental well-being. Reflect on your own lifestyle choices and how to incorporate good health behaviours into your life. The impact of sleep and stress on health and performance. Completion of sleep diaries and questionnaires related to sleep patterns and stress. Understanding why people are inactive. The link between physical inactivity, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Measurement and recording of blood glucose in response to the carbohydrate ingestion and exercise.

Measurement and recording of data. Tests will include blood pressure, strength, endurance and flexibility. Data will be compared with normative values for these tests. Develop critical thinking skills that form the basis for progression across the academic disciplines of the university. Learn how to recognise, construct, evaluate, criticise and defend different forms of argument.

The social, managerial, economic, political, and technical challenges and opportunities associated with emerging renewable energy innovation, production, supply and consumption. An understanding of the concepts of tolerance, and the importance of making sound ethical decisions.

Develop the qualities, characteristics and skills to meet the aspiration for Abertay graduates to become global and active citizens. Learn how to adjust language to suit context. Learn the base knowledge that will continue to be relevant to future generations of devices. Develop perspectives on the key challenges faced by humankind such as environmental change, pollution, food security, energy provision, conflicts, terrorism, emerging diseases, and changing demographics.

Understand the overwhelming complexity of the problems and the need for interdisciplinary approaches to create solutions. De an activity to communicate and present scientific principles to primary school children. Learn about working as a group and how to communicate complex ideas. Work in a team to develop game de concepts for serious trapped in a window hacked. Gain the knowledge, processes and techniques of game de and study examples of serious games developed to benefit society. Develop the knowledge and awareness required to make good career decisions and the skills and confidence to successfully navigate each stage of the recruitment process for graduate jobs.

Learn about natural disaster such as landslides and flooding, structural disasters such as the Tay Rail Bridge and the system of critical infrastructure such as road, rail, air and shipping transport networks, power grid, gas and water networks, health system that constitute the backbone of modern societies. Introduction to the skills and knowledge needed to launch a small business successfully.

Trapped in a window hacked

An understanding of some of the processes involved in food production. Discuss common misconceptions and ideas which present the food and nutritional industries in a bad light. Learn how we approach and understand mental health, from historic, social, therapeutic, and individual perspectives. An introduction to the wide range of disciplines in forensic investigation. Learn how crimes are investigated from the moment of reporting through to the presentation of the evidence in court. A hypothetical case study provides an over-arching framework in which to explore the critical aspects of forensic investigations.

It involves not only physical and electronic evidence, but also statements from witnesses, suspects and victims which requires cross discipline collaboration of professionals. Build on your knowledge of programming taught in earlier modules e. Gain an introduction to the standard data structures and algorithms that form the core of algorithmic thought in computer science and to the idea trapped in a window hacked reasoning about the behaviour and performance of a computer program.

Introduction to dynamic web applications, through client-side and server-side web development on a full-stack platform. The tools used by Ethical Hackers to examine the security of a device or network. Systematically investigate a computer network for possible vulnerabilities. Build on Data Structures and Algorithms 1. Gain an introduction to parallel programming on shared-memory and GPU architecture, and the de techniques underpinning parallel applications.

Use a range of case studies drawn from typical real-world applications. The basic technology and techniques used to investigate cybercrime. Introduction to a systematic approach to planning and implementing a comprehensive computer forensic investigation, particularly evidence collection and the reconstruction of events. Includes the long established allotments movement to large scale projects based on sustainability throughout the food chain. Future cities will need to utilise more sustainable methods of water and waste water management and renewable energy production.

How lifestyle can affect physical and mental well-being. Work within a team and learn about project management concepts to create a project proposal in a professional manner. Present your work in a client pitch to a stakeholder. Expect to engage fully in trapped in a window hacked team role by communicating effectively with project stakeholders, contributing to the planning of the project, developing artefacts or prototypes, writing associated documentation, and creating and presenting the client pitch. The ideas and concepts of how computers, mobile devices and gadgets communicate via a wide range of communications technologies with each other, and other devices.

Software development practices which can be used to develop applications for a range of smart and mainly mobile devices. Develop and evaluate the techniques used to implement mobile applications. Complete a team based development project or other technical investigation project, which was planned and initially developed in the Professional Project Planning and Prototyping module. Develop a critical understanding of analysis techniques used by Ethical Hackers to examine binary files, practising and developing these skills with an individual project.

The forensic investigation of computer e. Start with an understanding of the underlying communications technologies and develop a comprehensive, systematic approach to the discovery and examination of evidence from both end-user devices e.

Trapped in a window hacked

Undertake the practical and development work for a major, in-depth individual project in an aspect of your programme. Devise the idea for the project and proof of concept to support the specification of a well-researched project proposal document. Carry out and complete the main development work for the project in Term 2. Present as a dissertation a major, in-depth individual project in an aspect of your programme. Present your work in a structured and coherent manner which allows for critical and insightful review and evaluation of the project and artefact produced. Write the dissertation in academic style appropriate to your domain of study.

Social and technical approaches to better security resilience in systems through consideration of methods of attack and defence. How do hackers break into computer systems? Is it easy to breach a corporate network and steal secrets?

Trapped in a window hacked

What steps can organisations take to prevent attacks? These are just some of the questions the programme will answer. Abertay students learn how to take a practical and offensive approach to cyber security by deliberately breaking systems and circumventing security defences.

Trapped in a window hacked

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