Superpowered game walkthrough

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Walkthrough-guide by khumak Starting stats: Mental primary, Social secondary this is mostly to enable the. Views 1, Downlo File size Superpowered game walkthrough. City of Broken Dreamers Walkthrough V0. Walkthrough MindBreak v0. The core of the g. Walkthrough This walkthrough will list the various conversation choices you can make in Sisterly Lust and the consequenc.

Walkthrough-guide by khumak Starting stats: Mental primary, Social secondary this is mostly to enable the teacher's aid job ASAP but also increases your skill gains for training, both during class and also from getting tutored, also makes Mind Control more effective. You can raise all of these at the institute so this choice only matters at the beginning. Raising them above 2 gets expensive fast which is why you want Mental if you want the Teacher's Aid job. Perks: Sister, Well Endowed, Personality The well endowed perk you can start with is superior to the one you can get from polymorphism.

The polymorphism version does not give you extra options during combat sex for example.

Superpowered game walkthrough

The stat boosts don't do anything that you couldn't get by going to class a few times so there's really no reason not to take both Sister and Well Endowed, you can't get them later. Personality is a good choice for 3rd pick because you get extra favor when socializing at lunch. Initial goal Max out Enhanced Senses immediately and get grades to before the end of the month you get school influence for free every month that your grades are atthat's why you want to get them there before the end of the first month.

With Get Lucky just going to class will guarantee it. You need a critical success when you go to class for it to count as a study action. Initially you can also use it to gain willpower from any girl that you don't have the right flaws to find attractive Mom, Sis, Allie, and Ms Larson at first. The energy gained increases for each matching flaw and also with lower superpowered game walkthrough.

So since Sis has the most matching flaws she'll give you a ton of energy. If you fight you will lose at this point. If you lose then you can't do anything but sleep all day every day til your health recovers. The Kobayashi Maru setting in Get Lucky will guarantee that you never oversleep, otherwise the neighborhood watch probably isn't worth it yet. Get Lucky also guarantees that the thief is always female, otherwise it's a guy half the time.

Superpowered game walkthrough

It le to her being permanently unavailable to you. Just keep tutoring her until she s you. You can have Freddy follow Derek, there are at least 2 ways to recruit him and you can't really mess it up. There are some caveats to this in the Final goal section below. I recommend just ignoring all 3 of them completely after tutoring them once each til you get to the Final Goal section.

Next goal Get Flight, unlock Public Ops, Natural Physical 2 - The reason you want Flight next is it raises your style by 3 which doubles your influence gain for everything and it's way cheaper than any other power. It's also the only combat power that matters.

You also need it to reach many of the Public Ops. As an added bonus, resting, showering, etc gives you more energy at level 3 as well. That is the minimum you'll need to reliably beat the thief with flight. It's the H. At Natural Physical 2 you should always be able to win against the toughest thief, but it'll be close sometimes. Save your energy til the end and then spam the flight attacks to finish her off when she gets to 20 health. You can also use it to recharge your energy so you start the day full. I'm not going to explain each one.

Next goal Teacher's Aid job - go to Research class til you raise it to 3 if it's not there yet - Work the Janitor job and continue to siphon Global influence from Mom and Sis til you have enough for the letter of recommendation for the Logistics Division. This gives you a quest for a level 2 job. The Teacher's Aid job will give you free Logistics influence if you mind control her for it. Alternatively you can sex her up instead. Concentration makes this more likely and the Get Lucky mod guarantees it. She'll say something about telling Ms Larson what a good job you did.

You'll see an option that says "I have a better idea". If you pick that it will mind control her. Then the next time you do the job you'll have options for extra rewards. You need Globex influence for each Mind Control discount and it also completes your letter of recommendation quest which gives a big favor boost with Ms Larson. Once you finish reprograming the girls you'll be raking in the money so you want your resistance to be high enough to buy the powers. Otherwise you're just sitting on money you can't use.

Training with Sis is the fastest way to boost your Concentration if it's lower than 6 but you could also go to Concentraion class. You do this with Break Will and Dominate. When you mouse over any of the options in Mind Control it will tell you how much control you have and what your max is. This costs 80 control leaving 20 left. You can add more control if you want it to happen faster. You use the Mindcraft option for this. Step 6, change mom and sis from superpowered game walkthrough self control to suppress family ties - You need the flaw from Sympathetic Link for Sis and Allie so if you don't have it yet, go buy it covered in the next section - Suppress Family Ties means that now mom superpowered game walkthrough sis will have sex with you without mind control but you won't get control from suppress self control anymore, you'll have to raise it manually.

It also boosts their willpower by an extra 20 per day so they'll almost always be at full willpower. Since they'll have sex without mind control now, just use the control to take their money, it'll last a lot longer that way. Depending on inhibition and superpowered game walkthrough both mom and sis will have some extra fun with you in the shower now.

Superpowered game walkthrough

If they get too angry they won't accept your phone messages anymore. You can reduce anger with Psycosism later but for now you don't want it too high. Your alignment will also drop if you don't turn Brainwipe on. Next goal Sympathetic Link - Sex with Sis and Allie both require the flaw from Sympathetic Link so that one is a no brainer, get Institute Influence tobuy Resistance level 3, buy Sympathetic Link - Save all of your School Influence to relax the dress code twice, unlock the PDA options, and change to unisex bathrooms.

This unlocks extra scenes at school and lets you do more with the girls without going to a private room first. The extra scenes are random and only trigger when going to class. We're going to fix that now You want Sympathetic Link 3 first. This will counteract the favor drain from Suppress Self Control. Now any time you do anything that boosts favor, you'll get about triple what you normally would. Go ahead and do that for Mom and Sis. If you want to do it now you can skip down to the next section and I'll list the requirements there.

They both override Family Ties. I'm not sure whether both girls have to be a Nympho for those scenes or whether you just need one of them. Next goal Psychosism, Natural Physical 3, Natural Social 3 - You're making so much money from your sexbots now that you don't really need the Globex discount anymore so superpowered game walkthrough may as well use your Global Influence to boost both Natural Physical and Natural Social to 3 Social first. This will make fights and social interactions much easier. It also reduces the willpower of anyone you meet if their willpower was already low.

This is great for keeping willpower low when you're trying out Obsessive or Nympho. Like anger, if fear gets too high superpowered game walkthrough girl won't accept your phone messages anymore. Like the Dread aura this will reduce willpower every day so it makes it easy to keep a girl as a nympho or obsessive as long as you want without having to actually make it permanent.

Superpowered game walkthrough

This is not guaranteed even if you meet all of the requirements so you might have to do it more than once or wait a day or 2 while maintaining her stats at qualifying levels - while it's still a temporary unstable state, if you let her willpower go up it will just wear off - if you decide you like it you can make it permanent with the Insanity Aura and either Love Overload or Lust Overload - Insanity has the somewhat annoying drawback of being able to randomly as a girl to any of the 3 mental states even if their stats don't qualify for that state but it's also the only way to make it permanent.

Insanity can also randomly make a permanent state temporary again. This is not guaranteed so you may have to repeat this several times superpowered game walkthrough it works. Then switch back to Dread again and repeat with all of the girls. Then you can unzip and have sex with her. Whoever "wins" the sex scene does 20 damage to the other person so you can win the fight with this if you reduced health to 20 or less first.

Waking Dream is a strong willpower attack so you don't have to wait til willpower is zero before using it, you just need it low enough that it's zero after using Waking Dream. If not, you can get the stat increase transformations instead. If you use the Radioactive mod you can get both levels of all the transformations after 3 levels it starts getting superpowered game walkthrough expensive. Some of the sex transformation scenes are crashing for me in the current version.

Some work fine. So save your game before doing sex transformations with Nikki or Sis. If you mind control her she'll have sex with you just like any other girl. If you have the sex change transformation there will be extra consensual sex options where you turn into a woman and superpowered game walkthrough won't reject you.

For Sis, these scenes tie into her fetish. You can make her bisexual by either using Mind Control Recalibration or by making her Obssessive or Nympho. Many of the scenes involving Freddy following Tamara require some or all of these transformations this also includes a lot of the Danni content. Some of them probably require having unlocked Sis's fetish as well. NCHDL - technically you don't need either Derek or Tamara for the defense league you can have Ms Larson fill those 2 spots with people who don't do anything but you miss out on a lot of scenes if you don't recruit them - despite being told to tutor everyone once a week when you first bring the idea up to Ms Larson for the NCHDL, there's no requirement on how often to tutor them in fact you don't ever have to if you don't want to.

Also you'll end up in combat which you don't want without decent stats and combat powers. Save before trying this or you might permanently lose access to Tamara. In all of my games so far it always le to permanent loss of access to Tamara if I keep having Freddy follow her. I recommend the date with Sandra option since it has sex scenes. You get that by going to Stoicism class after Freddy finds Derek hanging out at the pool.

If you want Superpowered game walkthrough all to yourself then go with the soccer route. Don't bother at low persuasion levels, you'll almost always fail. You have to succeed at this question multiple times and raise corruption to advance to the next stage. When it's far enough along you have to use the large favor option to do it.

Higher corruption levels also make you more likely to pass the persuade check for this. I didn't cover them all, see what they do and then you'll know if you want to use it. Check out the Mind Control options again and see if there's something you want to change, maybe you've maxed out Concentration and want to change Sis's personality so she can train you in Leadership or something There are a ton of options.

This can be upgraded to Chauffeur or Professional Ally and combines all of the other assistant type settings like Library, Workout, and Joyride. This unlocks extra sex scenes for training with the girls, having mom or Ms Larson drive you somewhere, etc. You can use the Psycosism dream, Lucid Dementia to keep raising everyone's corruption but sexbot should have given you a nice boost to start with. Sexbot has some extra scenes as well so you may also want to play through leaving everyone as a sexbot for longer so you can make sure you have seen all of those scenes.

There also scenes for negative interactions that I didn't really cover at all so play around with them. Optimizing stats You're generally going to want each girl at or near 0 Inhibition and Corruption to see the best scenes. You're probably also going to want everyone to either be a Sexbot or a Personal Assistant.

Personal Assistant is better when you're focusing on training your stats up, Sexbot is better when you're not. There are also some specific Mind Control options that are only relevant for certain girls that you will probably want to set up. This will also max out Inhibition, but it's a lot easier to reduce Inhibition than it is to raise Corruption.

Superpowered game walkthrough

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