Sisters secret game walkthrough

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Welcome to the Sister's Secrecy: Arcanum Bloodlines Walkthrough Ariel's twin sister, Belle, has been kidnapped and it's up to you to assist in her rescue! This document contains a complete Sister's Secrecy: Arcanum Bloodlines game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay! We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with. Remember to visit the Big Fish Games Forums if you find you need more help.

Have fun! Any unauthorized use, including re-publication in whole or in part, without permission, is strictly prohibited. You may also select or de-select Full Screen and Custom Cursor. You may also change the Difficulty level of play. Select the difficulty level that suits your style of play: Casual, Adventure or Hard. The level may be changed during play by selecting the Menu tab in the lower left corner and selecting Options.

The Diary records events and tips and is updated during play. New entries are indicated by a glowing diary. The Tasks tab in the Diary shows the current objectives. A completed task is marked with a green checkmark. The Achievements bookmark in the Diary allows you to replay hidden object scenes and puzzles as you progress. These may also be accessed from the Achievements tab on the Main Menu. Once the standard game is complete, you cannot access them. Access the store by clicking the tab on the upper right side of the screen A.

It slides out to reveal a moneybag and the of coins collected. Click the moneybag to open the store. The Store shows the amount you can spend B. Click an item to select it. A checkmark appears in the corner of the item pink. Click Buy C to open the items. Return to the game by clicking the X in the upper right corner D. The Store may also be accessed from the Main Menu.

Obtain coins by solving Hidden Object Scenes maximum of 3 and puzzles maximum of 3. Two purple flowers in each major scene are worth 1 coin each. HOS items can also be eliminated by playing an optional match-3 game. Puzzles may be skipped. Game play is not linear.

This guide attempts to show the most efficient way through the game. Not all inventory items are collected when first encountered. If you are missing an inventory item or cannot complete a scene as indicated in this guide, check entries. Insert the key in the casket lock B ; the locket inside becomes the Hint icon.

Click and hold the left mouse button down on the curtain C ; drag the curtain to the left. Uncover the Diary. It contains story information and hints to help with game play. It also includes a Tasks tab to track goal progress. Most HOS contain items listed in yellow. These sisters secret game walkthrough require an extra step to find.

Drag the cursor around the scene until it turns into a hand to discover the interactive areas E and F. The items in each scene are random. This guide only shows the location of the interactive areas and the inventory item. Clicking the Hint locket will locate a random object. Items can also be found by playing a match-3 game G. Sisters secret game walkthrough a tile with an eye on it to the bottom of the board removes one hidden object item. A glowing ball eliminates one tile. Click the ball and then the tile you wish to eliminate. The tile above the eliminated tile drops down.

The dynamite eliminates all tiles immediately around it when dropped onto a line of three tiles. Click the magnifying glass with the eye to return to the original HOS. Completing a HOS earns coins based on the completion time. The coins are used later in the game for purchasing items in the in-game store. Open the Diary and click the Achievements bookmark to replay a hidden object scene. Please review the General Tips section of this guide for a complete explanation of the store and collecting coins. Enter the bathroom. Click to turn the water on and see a message appear.

Exit the bathroom. Read the letter. Chapter 2: Opening the Suitcase Speak with the woman on the platform. Play the HOS. Open the interactive area under the stairs J to fine the items listed in yellow. Read the note pink for diary information. Each scene has two purple flowers.

Find them both yellow to receive two coins. Look closer at sisters secret game walkthrough suitcase pink. The purple flowers in each scene are circled in yellow N. Turn the valve to summon Uncle Arthur. Examine the pieces of paper Q to open a puzzle. Place the pieces in the outline. Pieces lock into place when correctly positioned.

Sisters secret game walkthrough

Use the GLUE to repair the tears. Go forward between the two trees R. Return to the fountain.

Sisters secret game walkthrough

Return to the murder scene. Look at the area around the log W. Pick up the picture to add diary information. Click the strange looking paper next to the box to add puzzle information to the diary. Open the box; take the KEY. Go down twice to the train platform. Inspect the abandon suitcase X. Insert the KEY in both locks aqua to open the case and play a puzzle. The goal is to flip the switches sisters secret game walkthrough the correct order; refer to the diary for the solution Y. Go forward. An animated horse and carriage appear; click to change scenes.

Head down the path C to the well area. Look into the tree hollow D to find the yellow listed items. Turn the board E over to find the Ladybug. Find the rest of the listed objects. Continue forward to the port H. Speak to the boy. Zoom in on the tavern door N ; use the knocker to summon the saloonkeeper. Enter the tavern. Speak with the saloonkeeper Q ; next speak to the old dragon R ; speaking to the magician S opens the store. Here is where the accumulated coins come in handy T. Click the blue dot on a locked item; a checkmark appears next to it U ; click the 'Buy' button V to open the purchased items.

Please review the General Tips section for more information about the store. Exit the store. Go down the steps to the cellar. Play the hidden object scene X. Look behind the cloth Y to find the items listed in yellow. Exit the tavern. Go down once to the well area.

Peer into the tree hollow A to find most of the items listed in yellow. Knock over the rock B to locate the pocket watch or move the leaves on the right to find the apple. Go down once to the destroyed bridge. Place the cursor over the carriage; it turns into an animated horse and carriage.

Sisters secret game walkthrough

Click to return to the fountain. Click the board to open a swap-the-tiles-puzzle. The best strategy is to match shapes and colors around the edges and next to the woman. See the solution for the completed puzzle D. Click the carriage to return to the destroyed bridge. Look closer at the snake E. Zoom in on the statue G. Go down the path to the well. Look closer at the loose soil J. Go forward three times to enter the tavern cellar. Look behind the red cloth N to find the area for the items listed in yellow. The RAKE goes to inventory. Look in the bottom of the boat O. Return to the tavern cellar.

Look at the old parchment on the wall P. Zoom in on the barrel Q. Go toward the barrels in the back.

Sisters secret game walkthrough

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Sister’s Secrecy: Arcanum Bloodlines Walkthrough