Best online flash games reddit

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Went on a nostalgia trip and started playing some of my favorites and wanted suggestions honestly. Yeah, that is part of what inspired me to start playing my old favorites again. It's nice that people are at least trying to keep them for future generations.

Pretty much everything on Newgrounds. There was a certain charm to the silly simple games people were making for fun. Then sites like Armorgames started popping up. I didn't mind that they sponsored higher quality games, but some of the scummier ones would just steal the flash games from Newgrounds and slap their own logo and advertising on it.

Also, all the games on eyezmaze. The grow games were my jam back in the day. My dad always thought it was a waste of time gaming.

Best online flash games reddit

Never had a random flash game become so popular among my circle of school buds all at one time like this one. We'd get stoned and play for hours. Plague Inc is the app that is very similar to Pandemic 2 and is still played today. Anti-Idle: The Game. Best idle game imo. Tons of mini games you can play to progress faster than just idling.

Even has a decent card game you can play. Great story, almost teared me at the end. Wish it has a sequel. Epic Battle Fantasy series by kupo Turn-based RPG with lovable characters and great soundtrack. EBF5 is the latest iteration steam link and the best so far. Cube Escape series by Rusty Lake. Point and click adventure with a surreal and creepy theme.

I'd recommend playing it in release order to understand the story. Bubble Tanks 3. Build your own tank or import custom community-made ones and kill other custom-made enemy tanks. Simple gameplay but fun. There is no game. Short but funny point and click game, or lack thereof. Spend just 5 minutes to play this masterpiece of a flash game. Don't Shit Your Pants. Try not to shit in your pants. Short mystery puzzle game with an interesting plot twist.

Highly recommend this one for a good mindfuckery experience. You just died.

Best online flash games reddit

As a ghost, possess people and find out who killed you. There is a sequel on Steam. If you like no-one has to die then I big-time recommend the Zero Escape series. The whole trilogy is on Steam. With flash basically dying in and flash games with them, I want to know what are your favorite flash games?

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Best online flash games reddit

Continue this thread. I was just about to post the same thing. That line game on eye maze was my jam way back in like Stick rpg was the best game on the planet. Played most of my flash games in Kongregate and Newgrounds. Some of my favourites are: Anti-Idle: The Game. Endless war series was hotline miami before hotline miami. More posts from the Gaming4Gamers community. By creating a middle ground between the purely-for-fun subreddits and the more serious ones, we aim to build a community based on open-minded discussions, camaraderie above competition, and a shared love of video games.

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Best online flash games reddit

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What are the best online flash games you've ever played?